Whole Brain Thinking

eTime is accredited to work with your school or business to embed the “Whole Brain Advantage” to improve performance and outcomes. 
The success of any business, school or organisation depends upon the brain power of its members to achieve its goals. The Herrmann “Whole Brain Model” is based on proven research into how people think and communicate. By drawing on the combined analytical, organisational, strategic and interpersonal skills that it takes to succeed, organisations are able to harness the thinking preferences of every individual for a complete Return on Intelligence™. 

General Services (Business & Education) 
  • Herrmann profiling of individuals
  • Herrmann Team Profiles
  • Feedback on individual and team profiles
  • Workshops on improving organisational performance by applying the Herrmann Whole Brain Model in areas such as communication, strategic thinking, systems, performance analysis

Additional Educational Services 
eTime specialises in applying the Herrmann model to improve school performance and learning outcomes for students. Within Canterbury, eTime has profiled over 400 principals and teachers. We can assist your school to:
  • Apply Whole Brain Thinking strategies to develop the “key competencies” and effective teaching and learning practices
  • Develop teams that understand and value the learning preferences of staff and students
  • Integrate ICT in teaching and learning to support whole brain thinking