Leadership Appraisal & Development

Our model provides accountability to meet the legislative requirements of appraisal, but also has a development focus to assist principals and their leadership teams to develop practices that result in improved student outcomes.

Our model is future focused and is tailored to reflect each school’s strategic direction. It is based on ‘Kiwi Leadership for Principals’ and reflects the qualities, knowledge and skills required to lead schools.

Because we take a formative approach, leaders are provided with two written reports. The first detailed interim feedback is a mid year written report that highlights the progress leaders have made towards achieving their goals. Final feedback and next step developments are provided in a second written report.

Because our process provides for appraisal as well as development, our consultants have extensive successful principal experience, expertise, and the confidentiality required.​ There is a reduction in fees for schools that choose to have senior leaders appraised, in addition to the principal.